Windows 10 Quick Start Guide Leaked Online, Download It Now

Windows 10 Quick Guide

Windows 10 quick guide from Microsoft got leaked online today. It details all the new features added in Windows 10 from Cortana to InstantGo. If you are new to Windows 10, just read this one document to know all about Windows 10.

Tested by millions of users who provided input and ideas, Windows 10 combines familiarity, speed and innovative new features – including a digital assistant and a brand-new browser – with the bedrock strengths you expect from Windows, like superior security and compatibility. And for the first time ever, you get free, automatically-enabled updates that help keep your systems current.

The result is a new Windows experience that’s fresh yet familiar – and is great for helping you stay organized, have fun, and get things done.

Read it online below.

Download it here for free.

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