Windows 10 Pro now accounts for a majority of PC sales to European businesses

While everyone and their grandmother seemingly rode the Windows 10 Wave when Microsoft released it two years ago (and those who didn’t “encouraged” to by persistent upgrade notifications and forced upgrades), Enterprises are typically the last to ride the update wave — often rolling out the latest version months or years even after it ha  shipped. In Western Europe at least, the majority of Windows 10 PCs sold to business users for the first time now run Windows 10. According to research term Context, Windows 10 Pro accounted for 57% of Windows PCs sold by distributors with the UK being heads and shoulders above the rest at 69% penetration compared to Italy’s 61% and Spain’s 54%.

This continues a pattern of growth from the previous year, with Windows 10 equipped PCs shipping 9% more than was shipped in December and businesses no longer ordering PCs with the intent to downgrade them to Windows 7.

“Now eighteen months into its life cycle, this latest rise has brought adoption rates for Windows 10 Pro closer to those reached by its most popular predecessor after a similar time span”, Marie-Christine Pygott, a senior analyst at Context stated.

Microsoft is planning a big update to Windows 10  later this year with the Creators Update, introducing improvements to the user interface, support for book reading in Edge (along with a new digital book store). It ‘ll be interesting to see how fast businesses adopt this new OS since — in theory — each version of Windows 10 should be more stable and secure than the last.

While Windows 10 is no longer free, as more and more users upgrade their old and dying PCs, Windows 10 will naturally gain more and more market share.