Your Windows 10 PC might finally run Android apps next year

It’s widely believed that the app gap killed the Windows Phone ecosystem and while Microsoft tried to address that with several clever solutions, including allowing developers to build Windows apps for phones by reusing their Android code, none worked in favor of the software giant. When it comes to the number of quality apps, Microsoft’s Windows 10 desktop ecosystem isn’t that great either. And to address this, the company is trying something similar to what Project Astoria was meant to achieve.

According to reliable Microsoft journalist Zac Bowden, Microsoft is working on a solution that will allow Windows 10 users to run Android apps on Windows 10. This is unlikely to take forever to become available for the public as Zac says that the feature might be ready for prime time as early as next year. Details on how the company is going to do that are not known at his moment, but we’ll soon going to have an answer from Zac as he promises to share more when he can.

The ability to run Android apps on Windows 10 PC is something that all of you’ve already heard. And if you’re someone who is using a mid-range or flagship Samsung Galaxy phone and a Windows 10 PC, chances are you’re already running Android apps on your PC, thanks to Microsoft’s strategic partnership with Samsung. Of course, not all smartphones are owned by Samsung and, therefore, a large number of users are not the beneficiary of what Samsung Galaxy owners are getting right now.

However, you should not raise your hopes about the upcoming feature as this is an unconfirmed report. But if Microsoft manages to pull this off, Android users will have a very strong reason to pick a PC over a Mac.

Do our readers feel the need to run Android apps on a PC? Let’s know down in the comments.

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