Windows 10 now works better with Android phones if you use Microsoft Edge [Update: iPhones too]

With the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft promised to offer a better experience for users with Android and iPhone devices. While the company’s personal assistant already offers some really cool cross-device experiences for Windows 10 users on Android and iOS, Redmond was supposed to take things a step further with the new Timeline feature. Timeline in Windows 10 has already been delayed until 2018 — but Microsoft is today releasing the first bits of the improved cross-device experience in Windows 10 today.

Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring can now get a much better cross-device experience if they are on an Android phone. With the release of Windows 10 build 16251, Microsoft is allowing users to start webpages from their phone on their Windows 10 PC. By installing Microsoft’s “Microsoft Apps” app on their Android device, users can now open any link from their phone on their Windows 10 PC via the Share system in Android. You can either choose to open a web page immediately on your PC, or you can save it for later and it’ll show up in your Action Centre whenever you boot up your PC. The shared web pages will open on Microsoft Edge by default, regardless of whether it’s your default browser or not which is definitely a bummer.

Cortana for Android can also keep track of all the web pages you visit using Microsoft Edge in your Windows 10 PC, which is just another example of how Microsoft plans on providing a better cross-device experience in Windows 10.

Lastly, Windows 10 also now includes a dedicated settings for Android and iOS devices, but it’s very minimal at the moment. Microsoft says the company is working to bring the new cross-device experiences in Windows 10 to those on iPhones soon, so make sure to keep an eye out for that, too.

Update: Continue on  PC is now also available for iOS.

Microsoft writes:

The Continue on PC app is now available for the iPhone – once you link your PC you will receive an SMS with a link to the app store to download and install the app. When you are at a website you want to view on your PC, simply invoke the native share experience on your iPhone and share the website to the “Continue on PC” option. You might need to click the “…” or “More” to add this test app to your share menu. Once invoked, it will first ask you to sign in with your Microsoft Account. It is important you use the same account you are using on your PC. Next it will ask you if you want to “Continue now” or “Continue later”. If you choose “Continue now”, the website will magically open on the linked PC. If you choose to “Continue later”, the website will show up under Action Center for you to get to later when you’re ready. Try it out and let us to know of any issues you run into!

The app can also be found in the iOS app store here.

It does, of course, require users to have the latest Fall Creators Update Insider build. Eager users can join the program here.

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