Windows 10 now claims 6.63% market share


Back in July, Microsoft released Windows 10 and it has reportedly surpassed more than 100 million installations already. Now, according to the latest numbers from Net Applications, Windows 10 now has a market share of 6.63%. Unsurprisingly enough, Windows 7 is still the top OS in the world with a market share of 56.53% (down by 1.14% from last month). Windows 7 is followed by Windows XP (12.21%) and Windows 8.1 (10.72%).


For those wondering, OS X¬†Yosemite claims only 4.91% share of the market, which is lower than Windows 10. It’s worth noting that Linux finally has more market share than Windows…Vista – it now claims 1.74% of the market.

Windows 10 is growing pretty quickly, and that shouldn’t be surprise really. It will be interesting to see if Windows 10 manages to take over Windows 7 in the next couple of months – until then, tell us what you think of the latest numbers from Net Applications in the comment section below.

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