Windows 10 Mobile’s keyboard is perverted, demanding and perplexing all at once


One of the best things about Windows Phone is its Wordflow keyboard. Wordflow is Microsoft’s special autocorrect engine developed in Windows Phone 7 originally to predict words based on the frequency of use, region and some other unknown factors. In Windows 10, Wordflow has finally decided to take action and be a passive aggressive partner.

Take the phrase “can I touch your…”, once entered into a Windows 1o Mobile keyboard it takes on a life of its own and phrases appear that give can either help you make friends …or lose them forever.

Then there are other times, where the keyboard wants be to take action and be demanding. You see how it suggests “NOW” after “call me”. Windows Phone can sense frustration, and help you express it. Of course, it also sense other thing, like additional activities to do while watching Netflix.

The Wordflow keyboard doesn’t just ask you to  Netflix and relax,  It also wants you to Netflix and Kisses or Netflix and chips. Just to cover all bases. Windows Phone may not have Tinder officially, but wordflow is the best wingman.

Have you encountered any other interesting word suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.