Windows 10 Mobile Redstone will reportedly bring touchscreen support for Continuum and more


Microsoft is currently testing Windows 10 Mobile Redstone internally. As of writing this article, the latest builds of Windows 10 Mobile don’t include any huge new features other than some tiny improvements and bug fixes. However, according to a new report from the folks at WinFuture, Windows 10 Mobile Redstone will introduce some nice improvements for Continuum for phones. The update will also reportedly introduce support for touchscreen monitors for Continuum for phones. Additionally, the update is also expected to introduce support for 2K monitors and improve Continuum’s wireless features.

For those unfamiliar, the Redstone update for Windows 10 (PC and Mobile) is expected to arrive in two waves. The update is expected to introduce support for Extensions for Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 PCs, improvements to Cortana and a lot of improvements to the OS’ underlying structure.

As usual, take these rumours with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, tell us if you are looking forward to Windows 10 Mobile Redstone in the comment section below.

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