Windows 10 Mobile: When to expect it


Microsoft yesterday announced the Windows 10 November update, bringing with it Cortana updates, Edge updates and a variety of other bug fixes sprinkled here and there.

Hidden in the blogpost Microsoft used to announce the update was the note that Windows 10 Mobile would be rolling out to devices “soon“. That, coupled with Gabe Aul’s statement that Microsoft was focusing on desktop Windows for the next few days sparked some outrage among Windows Phone users.

This outrage is misplaced, nothing has changed timeline wise. The Lumia 950 is launching in AT & T on Friday next week, so Windows 10 Mobile is going to be ready for Windows Insiders before then logically. Concerns about Microsoft shipping a “preview” build of the OS are unwarranted as Microsoft has long since taken the preview tag off the OS.

Furthermore, Microsoft has already announced when Windows Phone users should expect the OS – that is from December. The Microsoft Lumia social media team has stated that several times on social media already and mobile operators with publicly available update schedules have Lumia updates going out at about this time already.

If you own a non-Lumia device, you may be worried at the lack of information, that is your right. However, yelling at Microsoft because your Samsung Ativ SE, LG Lancet or HTC One M8 has not received a time scale is unwarranted. Neither Microsoft, nor Google on the Android side, have EVER announced an update for another company’s products. That is patently ridiculous. It is up to individual OEMs to prepare for and roll out the updates themselves.

As always, if you need to download Windows 10 once it has RTM’d , feel free to use the Windows Insider app. Remember that as Microsoft makes the hardware and software, there isn’t always a need for firmware. In fact, Lumia updates previously did not coincide with firmware updates until after Portico, and there were no firmware updates for the vast majority of GDR1 and GDR2 updates. Its best to keep your expectations realistic so you don’t get disappointed by something you were never promised.

To sum up, next week for insiders most likely, next month for everyone else, and possibly never for 4 GB devices. Any questions? Ask below in the comments section as always.

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