Gallery: Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512 Screenshots


Microsoft today released Windows 10 Build 10512 to Windows Insiders on the fast ring. The latest Windows 10 Mobile doesn’t include a lot of new features, and it mostly focuses on bug fixes and improvements. If you’ve not installed Build 10512, don’t fret – you can still get a closer look at the OS below:


wp_ss_20150812_0008 wp_ss_20150812_0009 wp_ss_20150812_0010 wp_ss_20150812_0011 wp_ss_20150812_0012 wp_ss_20150812_0013wp_ss_20150812_0015 wp_ss_20150812_0016 wp_ss_20150812_0017 wp_ss_20150812_0018 wp_ss_20150812_0019 wp_ss_20150812_0020 wp_ss_20150812_0022 wp_ss_20150812_0023 wp_ss_20150812_0024 wp_ss_20150812_0025 wp_ss_20150812_0026 wp_ss_20150812_0027 wp_ss_20150812_0028 wp_ss_20150812_0029 wp_ss_20150812_0030 wp_ss_20150812_0031 wp_ss_20150812_0032 wp_ss_20150812_0033 wp_ss_20150812_0034 wp_ss_20150812_0035 wp_ss_20150812_0036 wp_ss_20150812_0037


The latest Windows 10 Mobile build is pretty good. Animations are faster, and the overall experience is just better. Keep in mind that this build includes a few known bugs, which you can checkout here. It’s worth noting that Microsoft has fixed the Speech downloading issues with the latest build – previously, users weren’t able to download Speech on their phone, and it’s finally working again with the latest build.

If you’ve upgraded to 10512, what do you think of it? Discuss in the comment section below.

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