Screenshots of Windows 10 Mobile build 10512 get leaked


It’s been a while since Microsoft recently a new Windows 10 Build to Insiders. Recently, Microsoft released the emulator for Windows 10 Mobile Build 10240, allowing the public to test one of the latest Windows 10 Mobile builds on their computer. Now, screenshots of Build 10512 running on a Lumia 929 has been leaked from China. Take a look:

10512_7 10512_6 10512_5 10512_4 10512_3 10512_2 10512_1

As expected, there doesn’t seem to be anything new on Build 10512. Microsoft is getting closer to release date of Windows 10 Mobile, and the company is currently focusing on improving the user experiencing, fixing bugs and improving the performance. It’s worth noting that the development of Windows 10 Mobile is currently on the TH2 (Threshold 2) branch, which is also the same branch for Windows 10 Update 1 — meaning that Windoww 10 Mobile will come with Update 1 at the intial launch. This is, indeed, pretty good news as it will be bringing the PC and Mobile up to date.

For now, there isn’t any word on the release of a new Windows 10 Mobile build other than “very soon”. We expect Microsoft to release a new build sometime this week, however. Until then, discuss what you think of Build 10512 in the comment section below.

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