[Update: Nope!] – Windows 10 Mobile Build 10165 may feature a new way to resize live tiles (video)

Windows 10 Mobile my have a new way to resize live tiles (Update: It's fake)

Update: While it may still be an incoming feature on Windows 10, this video is most likely a fake. For one, the OneDrive tile on Windows Phone is a transparent tile and was previously blue with white clouds. This tile is blue with blue clouds, exactly like the Android app logo. The method for changing the tile sizes is also exactly like an Android app called Square Home, seen in this video here (around the 2:50 mark).

Taking all that into consideration, it’s most likely a video of the OneDrive Android app on Square home and not Windows 10 mobile.

The orignial article follows below:

Currently resizing a live tile is a rather onerous business, but Microsoft may be looking to make things a bit easier.

We have received a tip with the accompanying video showing the ability to resize a live tile by simply dragging a live corner.

The feature was revealed on Build 10165  on an unidentified 7 inch tablet running Windows 10 Mobile, and it may be that they feature will be available only on small tablets, or may be dropped completely. Of course, it may also not be real at all.

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Thanks to our tipster.