Windows 10 Mobile already Interop Unlocked, but it does not matter much

A hacker on XDA- Developer is claiming to have created a simple Interop Unlock for Windows 10 Mobile.

He reports that the hack is very simple and does not require a soft or hard reset, and provides full access to the registry and file system.

The dream of a very simple Interop Unlock for Windows Phone has been around for years now, but so far only the few Samsung devices were easily hackable, though recently some Windows Phone 8.1 handsets with microSD cards have also been hacked.

With Windows 10 Mobile however including a simple Developer Mode toggle by default side-loading applications has once again become simple and easily accessible to Windows Phone users and having a new Interop Unlock will not add any new concerns about piracy to the platform.

It should however allow power users even more control over their devices, which is not a bad thing, though it could make the OS somewhat less secure.

DJamol, who claims the hack, is at present waiting to release it until Microsoft officially releases Windows 10 Mobile, a common practice with iOS jailbreaks.

The full XDA-Developer attack can be seen here.