Windows 10 may have snazzy new 3D tile animations

Windows 10 is shaping up to be a huge release, bringing several new under the hood fixes, new apis and the full convergence of the Windows platform into One Windows. On the technical side it’s all terribly exciting, but the user facing features as well as the UI and UX are also very important as they are what the users interact with daily. One of the most important of those- especially for Windows – is live tiles. While they have been a bit dull so far in the Windows 10 technical preview as they now slide and fade as opposed to flipping, Neowin’s Bradley Sams has just tweeted a gif of what appears to be 3D live tiles from ITHome’  leaks of Windows 10 on desktop.

With Windows 10 desktop and mobile being the same OS (mostly) we expect this animation  to also show up on our phones eventually. If taken by itself, this isn’t much – and Microsoft certainly can remove features before the final build – rumours of Microsoft going further with the live tiles concept with things like interactive tiles and mixview receive a slight boost from this.

The 3D animation appears to be a further move away from the original bland starkness of metro to something  a little more lively.

Do our readers think these changes will increase the appeal of Windows Phone? Let us know below.

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