Windows 10 Maps app now includes a pre-set for your car’s location, airport venue maps


27, 2015


Remembering where you parked your car at a large shopping mall or airport is a problem drivers regularly run into, especially when many parking areas use an identical lay-out for different areas.

The Maps app in Windows 10 Mobile now includes pre-set Favourite for the location of your car, making it easy to note down where you are leaving.


The feature lets you add a note in case you are parked under roof and also add a photo for even better recall.

At present the feature does not appear to have any automation included, but I assume the next step would be to automatically record your position when you get out of your car.

The update also brings venue maps for many major airports:


Other new features this month include:

  • Airport venue maps showing gates and terminals
  • Save a location to use when Maps can’t find your PC’s location
  • Bug fixes and reliability improvements

The latest version of the Maps app can be found in the store here:

Price: Free

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