Windows 10 KB4524147 cumulative update is breaking the Start Menu and is failing to install

Yesterday Microsoft rolled out a new cumulative update for Windows 10 users. The new update was supposed to fix the printer bug which was introduced by a recent cumulative update. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the update while fixed the printer issue did manage to break the start menu.

According to Reddit and Microsoft forum (via Techdows), users are receiving a critical error message- ” Your Start menu isn’t working. We’ll try to fix it next time you sign in”. Another issue that users are facing is the inability to install the new update altogether. Some users are reporting on Microsoft forum that the updates are failing to install on their machine.

If that wasn’t enough, a couple of users even reported that the update doesn’t fix the printer bug. The number of users reporting the printer issue is small but they still exist.

Microsoft, on the other hand, hasn’t updated their support page so it seems the number is still small for Microsoft to start an official investigation into the error. Personally I updated all of my machines last night and the update happened without a hiccup. These cumulative updates are being pushed to over 900 million users so there’s always a chance that something might not sit well with a certain type of hardware. In any case, we do hope Microsoft figures the issue out sooner than later.

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