Windows 10 is delivering updates to other computers using your bandwidth by default


Alongside a lot of new features and improvements, Windows 10 includes a new way of delivering updates. The feature, which is dubbed as Windows Update Delivery Optimization works pretty much like a torrent — it hosts the Windows Update files locally, and then deliver it to other PCs on the internet (by default) or the PCs on your local network using your bandwidth.

While some of you may like this feature, it’s kind of annoying as Microsoft has chosen to deliver the updates to other PCs on the internet by default. What makes this worse is that the option to disable this feature is pretty hidden. Here’s a quick GIF showing you how to disable Windows Update Delivery Optimization on your PC:


Personally, I’m not really happy with Microsoft enabling this feature by default — even for Pro users. However, tell us what you think of this feature in the comment section below.

Via: TNW, Neowin