Windows 10 IoT Core now available commercially

Windows 10 IoT Edition

This morning the Windows IoT Team posted a new blog outlining feature improvements to Windows 10 IoT. In addition they are also making this version of Windows 10 available to commercial builders in addition to the makers already taking advantage of the OS. Where will this be utilized? Windows 10 IoT is aimed at small footprint and low cost devices.  Here’s what they had to say about the importance of this release:

“This release marks an important step in the evolution of Windows 10 IoT Core for our Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)/ Original Device Manufacturers (ODM) partners. As part of the Windows 10 IoT edition family, Windows 10 IoT Core provides an optimized platform for building smaller and low cost industry devices like IoT gateways. It brings scale to our partners’ investments across form factors leveraging the same business ready capabilities customers expect in Windows: leading connectivity, enterprise-grade security, servicing and manageability.”

In addition they went on to discuss their excitement over their continued involvement of Raspberry Pi:

“To improve the usability of the Raspberry Pi technology for these efforts, Raspberry Pi Trading and Element 14 announced a service to offer bespoke versions of the Raspberry Pi. We are very excited that Element 14 is offering Windows 10 IoT Core as part of their solution. This will allow makers and OEMs to start their development with Raspberry Pi 2 and, when ready, produce optimized versions of the platform for a commercial solution.”

What has been improved?

The blog goes on to discuss many of the improvements they have made to the OS. They are:

  • Ability to manage IoT devices with the same tools as your PCs
  • Performance improvements and expanded the ecosystem of supported peripherals
  • ‘Direct memory access bus’ driver that gives you the ability to run native code for the significant performance improvements in GPIO
  • Full support for the TX/RX pins on the Raspberry Pi2
  • Support the official Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi dongle
  • Support two Realtek Wi-Fi chipsets (RTL8188EU & RTL8192EU)

More details precise details of the changes can be found in the blog post, if you are interested, follow the link below.It is great to see such improvements coming to this version of Windows 10. Makers as well as commercial enterprises should be excited over the possibilities before them with the new OS.