Windows 10 Insiders can now try out Microsoft Edge’s new extensions

Earlier today, we reported about the new TrueKey extension from Intel which simplified the process of logging into websites on Microsoft Edge by using Windows Hello. In addition to the TrueKey extension, Microsoft is adding two other extensions which are also kinda useful.

The first one which is called “Ebates Cash Back” simply shows you coupons and cash back offers for certain online retailers when you visit their sites. For example, if you visit Macy’s, you may get a cash back offer with your purchase — and this extension will make sure to notify you about the offer.

If the first extension did not sound that useful, don’t fret as the second one does sound pretty useful. The extension, “Read&Write for Microsoft Edge” adds a range of features to online text editors such as Word Online and OneNote. For instance, the extension lets you listen to a whole Word document from Word Online via text-to-speech which can be a bit useful. The extension also lets you highlight text, but this is a feature which you can already use thanks to Edge’s built-in features. Nevertheless, here’s the full list of features for the Read&Write extension for Edge:

  • Text to Speech with dual color highlighting
  • Dictionary
  • Picture Dictionary
  • Translator
  • Highlighter Tools
  • Simplify Web Pages

If you are running Windows 10 Build 14986, you can get the new extensions from the links below:

Rakuten: Get Cash Back For Shopping
Rakuten: Get Cash Back For Shopping
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