Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18912 has some cool unannounced features

In theory, besides fixes, the latest 20H1 Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18912 only included new narrator improvements.

It seems however that a bit more has gone into today’s preview release of next year’s desktop operating system.

Developer Albacore has noticed a new feature called Calendar Quick Compose which lets you add appointments directly from the calendar pop-up when you click on the date in the Windows 10 taskbar.

He also noticed another new feature. The new Delivery Optimization settings in Windows 10 Build 18912, which lets you limit download speeds with absolute Mbps values rather than as a percentage of your bandwidth.

Given that these features are unannounced they may of course not make the final cut, but both seem like just the kind of small tweaks Windows 10 users would appreciate.

Follow Albacore’s Windows 10 investigations here.

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