Windows 10 Game Bar now has Xbox One Groups feature

Windows 10’s Game Bar tool has been updated with yet another Xbox One feature: Looking for Groups.

Found within the beta version of Microsoft’s software, the Groups feature allows Windows users to quickly find other players to group with up. It’s a great feature on Xbox One, one that has formed new guilds and communities around games such as Destiny 2, and it’s very welcome here.

As of now, Looking for Groups is only available in the beta test ring for Windows Game Bar. According to Windows Central, the list of games is currently rather limited; the game’s list is restricted to native Windows 10 games. If you aren’t currently in the beta ring for Game Bar, you’ll have to apply through the Xbox Insiders app in the Windows Store.

Looking for Groups is a fantastic feature on Xbox One. Migrating this feature over to Windows 10 is a fantastic opportunity for Microsoft to improve the community aspect natively on their OS.

With competitors such as Steam offering native community features, Microsoft needs to catch up fast. After all, the main selling point of Xbox is the community. Windows may be falling behind, but at least Microsoft now knows what to do.

Source: Windows Central

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