Windows 10 gains nearly 2% market share in August

NetMarketShare today published its report for August 2016. The latest report is pretty similar to the recent reports, which shows growth for Windows 10. Last month, we reported that Windows 10 had a market share of 21.13% in 1 year. Now, according to NetMarketShare, the OS now claims 22.99% of the market, gaining 1.86% of the market in just a month. Windows 10 is still the second most used desktop operating system, and that’s not surprising to see as a lot of users are still running Windows 7. In fact, Windows 7 also gained a tiny of market share in August — 0.24% to be exact. On the other hand, some people are finally moving away from Windows XP — the OS now claims 9.36% of the market, which is still quite a lot. However, the OS claimed 10.34% of market share back in July which means it lost 0.98% of market share in August. For an OS that’s 15 years old, 9.36% market share is still pretty impressive and scary at the same time since Microsoft is no longer providing support for the OS.


As for some of the other operating system, not much has changed over the last month. For example, OS X 10.11 still claims 4.38% of the market (down from 4.69%), Linux claims 2.11% (down from 2.33%) and Windows 8.1 claims 7.92% of the market (up from 7.8%).

NetMarketShare also reported the desktop browser market share for August today. According to the report, Microsoft Edge claims 5.16% of the market, Chrome claims 53.97%$ of the market while Internet Explorer still claims 27.38% of the market.

You can find the full report here.

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