Windows 10 finally overtakes Windows 7 in December 2016

January 25, 2017

According to data from Statcounter, in the month of December, Windows 10 usage has finally surpassed that of Microsoft’s most popular OS, Windows 7. At least in the US. Windows 10 has grown to 26.9%, up from 26.29% from the previous month. On the other hand Windows 7 has dropped down to 26.56% in the month of December, down from 26.66%.

With the introduction of low cost Windows 10 tablets, and the introduction of the new Windows 10 Creation Update, the OS has been seeing constant upsurge in usage and adoption.

However, in terms of global market share, Windows 10 still lags behind Windows 7. According to NetMarketShare, Windows 7 sits at 48.34%, while Windows 10 lags behind at 24.36%.

At this point, Windows 7 and 10 are the dominant OSs globally. The next closest OS is Windows XP, with 9.07%, thus every other OS is in single digits.

UK has seen growth in Windows 10 much like the US, with that version of the OS overtaking Windows 7 in December as well, with shares of 31.02% and 21.49% respectively . Head over to the source link to check out the market share for other OSs.

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