Windows 10 Build 10558: Microsoft improves the context menus yet again


The context menus on Windows 10 has been one of the most controversial UI issues. Just like some previous releases of Windows, the context menus on Windows 10 aren’t consistent and they have a lot of different looks. In the recent builds of Windows 10, Microsoft has been improving the context menus quite a bit. And as expected, the company has improved some of the context menus on Build 10558 (leaked), too.

With build 10558, Microsoft has improved the context menu on the Start Menu. As you can see on the above screenshot, the company has added a new icon for the “Unpin from Start” option, and it has also added some new icons for the Resize options (Small, Medium, Wide and Large) which look quite nice.

Alongside the context menu on Start Menu, Microsoft has also improved the desktop context menu. The company has made the options on the desktop context menu a bit thinner, which looks a tad bit better, but it isn’t perfect just yet.

As you can see, the context menus aren’t consistent yet. We don’t really expect Microsoft to make all the context menus consistent in the coming builds, but that’s definitely something that we would like to see in the future builds of Windows 10.

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