Windows 10 Build 10163 screenshots gets leaked, doesn’t reveal anything new


Last week, Microsoft released three Windows 10 builds in 4 days. The operating system is set to be released on July 29 and ahead of the release, the upcoming builds aren’t expected to introduce a lot of new features. As the company is slowly getting closer to the release date, the OS will get faster and we’ll probably not see any major new feature in the upcoming builds. Nonetheless, some screenshots of Windows 10 Build 10163 has been leaked online. As
expected, they don’t reveal anything new – but you can take a look at some of the screenshots in the gallery below:

As you can see on the above screenshots, there doesn’t seem to be anything new. And the latest build most likely focuses on bug fixes and performance improvements. It’s worth noting that don’t be surprised if Microsoft releases a couple of new builds this week. Until then, tell us what you think of Build 10163 in the comment section below!

Source: WZor