Windows 10 Build 10056: New Money app arrives


Windows 10 Build 10056 was leaked onto the internet yesterday, and it includes a handful of new additions, as well as improvements. One of the most noticeable improvements on this build is the new universal apps – alongside the new News and Weather app, Build 10056 also packs the new Money apps. Both of these two apps are universal – meaning that they share the same experience across all devices, including Windows 10 for Phones. Here’re some screenshots of the new Money app:

As you can see on the above screenshots, all of the elements of the app has been re-designed. As the app is universal, there’s an hamburger menu with all the navigation items. The dashboard of the app, title as “Today” shows you the latest financial news, as well as some info on your Watchlist, Currencies and Markets which is pretty nice.

One section of the app, the Market section is still under development. The Market section now shows “Coming Soon” and states that it will allow users to stay up to date with the latest information from their local exchanges and the major markets.

The app also has a Watchlist section which as you may’ve already guess is a way to keep track of stocks. It’s pretty interesting and if you’ve already followed some businesses via Cortana, they will show up on the Watchlist section as well. As usual, there’s a Mortgage Calculator and World Markets.

Overall, the app looks pretty nice – however, it’s quite buggy on Build 10056 but we’re pretty sure Microsoft will make it more stable with the future builds.

What do you think of the new Money app? Discuss in the comment section below.

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