Transparency in start screen showing desktop apps running in the background is actually a bug on Windows 10 Build 10041


Yesterday, Microsoft launched Windows 10 Build 10041 which introduced transparency to the start menu. The transparent start menu looks pretty nice on desktops. However, the transparency doesn’t look good in Tablet Mode as the text on the start screen is pretty hard to read because of the background. If you don’t like the start menu in table mode in Build 10041, don’t fret, because it’s actually a bug.

Yes, it’s a bug and not an intended design. Microsoft states that the intended design for the start menu in Tablet Mode is that that only the wallpaper is visible in the background – just like the start screen on Windows 8.1. Microsoft states:

“You might end up in a state where windows open on your desktop are accidentally visible behind the Start Screen, Task View, Snap Assist, and when rearranging windows in Tablet Mode. This makes it difficult to read text and find what you are looking for. The intended design is that that only the wallpaper is visible behind these surfaces.”

Of course, this isn’t a big issue, but the wallpaper in the background of the start menu in Tablet Mode will definitely make the start screen much more beautiful. However, personally, I think it’d look much better if the start menu had a blur effect and the apps were visible in the background. It’s worth mentioning this isn’t the final design – so Microsoft may improve the design in the near future.

Source: Microsoft