Rumours are growing that Microsoft will be breaking from its cadence of 2 major updates of Windows 10 each year.

The news was first signalled with the early arrival of Windows 10 20H1 for Skip Ahead, which was apparently done to align the development of desktop Windows 10 with the build used for Azure servers.

Further evidence mounted when there was scant mention of Windows 10 19H2 at Microsoft Build and in the various manifests and other documentation for software announced at Build.

Now Mary Jo Foley has confirmed, from her sources, that Windows 10 19H2 will be little more than a service pack, and will presumably lack any major features.

Some network administrators and many end users may be very happy about the news, finding lengthy and problem-strewn major updates onerous, but there is a dark side to the news, with the suggestion that Microsoft is paying less and less attention to Windows as they prioritise the cloud.

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