Win8/WinRT VLC App Delayed Again; Submission Fails In Windows Store


5, 2014

The VLC team has faced another setback in their efforts to publish a comprehensive video player in the Windows 8 Store.  After an initial wave of enthusiasm in a successful kickstarter campaign the team has faced setback after setback.  The VLC decided to take an unorthodox approach in developing their Win8/WinRT app which would allow them to maintain much of their old code base.  The last update we heard from the VLC team was that they ended up rewriting their entire audio stack.

A update from their Twitter account on February 1st revealed that their latest app submission had failed again.  The team is unsure why, but have said they are working on fixing any problems and will re-submit the app.  This may give the team some more time to work on the UI and make it look even closer to the Zune player.

VLC player failed submission

The VLC team has stated an app for Windows Phone will be worked on after the WinRT app is completed.  In the meantime Moliplayer exists for $2.99

Source: VideoLan

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