In celebration of the launch of the most recent Souls-like game to be released (Darksiders 3), we’re going to give away a different game in the genre. Why? We needed a link and this is good enough! Don’t complain, you could possibly be getting something for free!

“But Lewis and the rest of the MSPoweruser crew, how can I win this super-cool sci-fi soulslike?” you ask. Well, dingus, all you’ve got to do is follow us on Twitter, like the tweet below, and retweet the tweet below. It really is that easy. Seriously!

In two weeks time, we’ll contact you on Twitter to make sure you know you’ve won! Then you’ll get your snazzy code for hack-and-slash funsies!

Disclaimer: This giveaway is being held purely by MSPoweruser. We have no sponsors and we’re doing this out of the kindness of our hearts.