Win a HTC Touch HD



PocketNow is running a contest aimed at relaunching their forums. They are offering a very tasty prize indeed- a brand new HTC Touch HD, shipped to anywhere in the world.  The rules are simple:


And of course, we have the contest for a new HTC Touch HD, the most desired Windows Mobile phone to date. This contest is open to all countries, and we pay shipping. How do you enter? If you haven’t already, register in our forums. Then, go to your respective forum (so Palm Treo Pro users go to the Palm forum) and post one useful tip or trick about your device, being sure to mention your device in the title of the post. Here are some examples of the sort of tips and tricks we’re looking for:

If you don’t see your device listed in the forum, post a user review in the User Review forum instead and write a mini-review of a device, accessory, or piece of software.

The contest will end on December 10, at which point we will randomly choose from everyone that has posted up their tip/trick, and have done so following the rules. That’s it!

It seems to me this contest offers better odds than most, so its certainly worth entering, and you will also be sharing your wisdom with your fellow Windows Mobile users.

Read more about the contest at

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