William Gates AKA Big Billy Uses Windows Phones


This is something that you might not call important, but its a little significant. The coolest guy to ever have the pleasure to be MS’s CEO, and the only good one, Bill gates is using his companies device. Pocketnow tipster noticed that in a recent tweet by WG it says he tweeted from Twikini, which we all know is a Windows exclusive application.

Now why is this significant… like mentioned earlier, its not. It is just a little something to keep in mind, while Steve Jobs walks around with his iPhone, Bill Gates is proudly walking around with his Windows Phones. This is a great way to show that he cares at least enough to use the OS, and I am sure his kids are forced to us it, because earlier I remember reading he said no iPhone or Android devices in his house.

That’s neither here or there. I know its something that no one really cares about, but its something good to know.