Will Windows Mobile 7 have Natural User Interface elements?

1800pocketpc.com has noticed this video interview of  Principle Researcher at Microsoft Research (MSR) Bill Buxton, talking about Microsoft’s Natural User Interface research work making its way into actual products.

The 38 minute video is interesting enough, but for Windows Mobile watchers there are a few suggestions that some of the great features suggested may come to the latest version of the OS.

Around 20:30 he talks about seamlessly connecting to the screens around you and then being able to use your phone as a controller for the screen. Around 34:40 he talks about bringing Microsoft Surface features to smartphones.

While he emphasized he was not making product announcements, expectations have been raised that Windows Mobile 7 will contain more than evolutionary features, and Natural User Interface features such as this would certainly bring the Wow factor.

See the video after the break.

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