Will Wallpaper and Live Backgrounds also come to Windows Phone 8.1?


start-with-wallpaper-high-resWindows 8.1 will bring user-selectable wallpaper and also live background (like Android’s Live Wallpapers) to Windows 8. The change is supposedly to make the transition between the desktop and the metro start menu less jarring, but I suspect it also has a lot to do with making the OS more personable and attractive to buyers who find the live tiles cold and lifeless.

The very same argument of course also applies to Windows Phone, which while slowly gaining market share, is not exactly setting the mobile market on fire yet.

With Microsoft clearly making a major concession against their clean Metro paradigm on the desktop and tablet, will they and should they do the same on Windows Phone 8.1?

Let us know your opinion below.

Concept picture by Bruno Arphenia.