Will upcoming Microsoft re-org pave the way for replacing Windows Phone with Windows?

imageThe rumour going round these last few days is that Microsoft is set to undergo a major re-organization on the 1st of July, part of which will see Windows and Windows Phone finally in the same division, under Windows Phone chief Terry Myerson and head of Windows engineering Julie Larson-Green.

According to the Verge’s sourcesnew structure would see a significant focus on further aligning the Windows and Windows Phone operating systems.”

There has been plenty of evidence that Microsoft is working to unify the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store, and the best route to achieve this is probably to make the two operating systems as identical as possible.

There is little doubt that Windows 8 has been developing a lot faster than Windows Phone 8, and the upcoming Windows 8.1 update is set to add many features that would not be out of place on a phone at all, including for example the ability to take photos from the lock screen or answer Skype phone calls without unlocking your phone.

Microsoft has quite a habit of breaking their stride and starting over if things are not going the way they want to, and this could very well include switching horses once again from Windows Phone to Windows 8.1, just like they did from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone.

Do our readers think the new re-org will accelerate Windows Phone development, or herald even more radical changes which could make our Windows Phones obsolete? Let us know below.

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