Will Samsung unveil the T*Omnia for the Rest of the World at Mobile World Congress?



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The Samsung Omnia has been a spectacularly successful device for Samsung. Its one of the fastest Windows Mobile devices to hit a million, and has seen very wide distribution around the world.  In fact, Admob notes its the only Windows Mobile device that individually made it into the top 15 used devices in Europe.

However the market does not stand still, and the Omnia is facing competitors like the HTC Touch HD and Xperia, both with WVGA resolution. Fortunately Samsung has a hidden weapon, the already developed T*Omnia, a device with a 3.3 inch 800×480 screen and digital TV, currently only available in Japan and Korea.

PhoneArena has spotted this poster at MWC suggesting the Acme i8910 will be renamed more simply to the Samsung Omnia HD.  Here at WMPoweruser we do not hold much love for Symbian S60 devices, and would suggest  a much more likely scenario is a simple mistake on the side of the sign-writers which inadvertently revealed the release of an upgraded Omnia – the Omnia HD. 

And with a high-def Omnia already developed and on the market, what would stop Samsung from keeping the good times rolling by bringing the T*Omnia to the rest of the world ? Nothing much really.

I guess we will find out soon enough. See some more pictures of the poster at Phonearena.com here.

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