Will Micromax’s first Windows Phone actually be a high end device?


Windows Phone has gained a raft of new OEMs this year, but we expect most handset delivered by them to be of the rather low-end variety.

NokiaWPBlog reports that according to new leaker Leakster Inc., we may actually be in for a surprise, at least from Indian OEM Micromax.

Leakster claims that Micromax is planning to release a rather high end Windows Phone, with a Snapdragon 800 processor, 5 inch Full HD screen, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage for the knock-down price of only 23-25 000 INR. (about $390-425).

Of course the Indian OEMs are famous for delivering great specs at low prices so the news is relatively believable. Leakster Inc. has a reputation as one of the first to leak information on the Motorola Moto E, so does appear to have the inside track on new devices in India.

The handset is said to be heading for release in July. For that price, will our Indian readers consider the Micromax handset over a less well specified Nokia handset for the same price? Let us know below.