Will Fennec be delayed for Windows Phone 7?


17, 2010

fennec1-728-75 Jay Sullivan, VP for Mobile at Mozilla, told TechRadar  they were no longer sure about delivering Fennec for Windows Mobile 6.5.

"Now we have the decision: do we target Windows Mobile 6.5 or 7? How much architecture will there be to work with?"

Mozilla was meant to deliver a beta for Fennec on Windows Mobile in the next few months, but it is now no longer clear if they will proceed with this.

The situation is further complicated by the lack  of information regarding backwards compatibility in Windows Phone 7, and if 3rd party software will even be able to replace the default browser for example.

Hopefully more will become clear after MIX10 next month, but Mozilla’s quandary is the same facing many developers – should they still pursue new Windows Mobile software plans, or wait for the new rising star, Windows Phone 7.  It is unfortunately likely we will see a further reduction in the release of new titles until Windows Phone 7 itself reaches the market.

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Read more at TechRadar here.

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