Will devs (and us) get Mango RTM early?


When asked of developers will be getting an updated build of Windows Phone 7 Mango early, Brandon Watson did not say no, but teased that Cliff Simpkins, Product Manager for Windows Phone 7, would have an announcement when they were ready.

Paull Thurrott, who called bloggers moronic for calling RTM early, has now predicted that it will in fact be the developer tools (presumably including a RTM build for developers) which will be released at the end of August, about a month away. Hopefully he will be right this time, because as it turned out, when developers got Mango it seems almost anyone else who wanted it could get it also.


In the comments section of the Windows Phone Team Blog Cliff confirmed that they are working on getting an updated build to developers soon.



Via MobilityDigest.com

Thanks Justin for the tip.