Wileyfox’s Windows Mobile handset now on sale on Amazon

Reportedly brought back by popular demand, WileyFox has resumed selling their Wileyfox Pro handset via their website recently.

“I just wanted to reach out to let you know the Wileyfox Pro is actually now back in stock and being manufactured again due to popular demand,” Wileyfox’s lead PR manager Thomas Reed said.

The company had been selling to enterprise customers who have already committed to Windows Phone, and who could no longer procure replacement Windows Phones from the likes of Nokia or Alcatel.

The handset has been discounted to only £79.99, which seems a reasonable price for a Snapdragon 210 handset aimed at business users.

Now the company has started selling the handset for a slightly more expensive £89.99 at Amazon.co.uk, which may make procurement easier for companies who already have arrangements in place for purchasing items from Amazon.

If you desperate to replace a dead Windows Phone you can grab the handset from Amazon here.

Via WindowsLatest