Wileyfox has a cunning plan to take on the enterprise market with a Windows Phone

Small smartphone OEM Wileyfox is better known for their CyanogenMod phones, but the company is now planning to move into the enterprise arena, and for that Android will just not do.

“Windows is much better for security”, said Wileyfox vice-president of sales Andy Lee, “That’s why it’s more suited for B2B. Android can be opened up.”

The company plans to release a Windows Phone in August this year via network partners in UK and then later several European territories. Wileyfox operates in 15 countries including France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.

“Increasingly people are screaming for costs to come down and want a good affordable device. If businesses are going to buy thousands of devices to kit out their work force, they need a good price point. That’s where we’re going to hit it out.”

“Most firms can’t afford to spend £500 per device. But with us, they can be assured quality and the right features.”

“For example, courier companies can use it to scan products and save money which is of course what they want. That is the benefit of Windows and how it’s adaptable for B2B.”

Wileyfox will produce a range of accessories for the handset, and the device itself will feature a larger battery.

“We’re going to do some chargers, headphones and cases that are based on our devices the new one as well, to ensure a bespoke experience. The accessories will be developed in-house at our factory in China. They will be released at the end of Q2, maybe beginning of Q3 to help complement our devices when they are ranged with networks.”

Wileyfox hopes to sell 2 million smartphones this year, up from 500,000 last year. The new device is currently still in development and is currently undergoing Global Certification Status (GCF) certification needed before release.

Windows Phone previously had some strength in enterprise, though whether this survived the retrenchment initiated by Satya Nadella in 2015 remains to be seen. It is not clear if this device will support Continuum for Phones, a somewhat unique Windows Phone feature which Microsoft sees as key to its business appeal.

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