Wildlife Tracker – Its like having a game ranger in your pocket!



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Going on Safari? Visiting the Kruger National Park? Why not try Wildlife Tracker.

It is an easy to use application, that is exclusive to Windows Phone, which helps visitors of game parks share & record sightings around them. Simply put, its like having a game ranger in your pocket!

Below is a list of some of the features that Wildlife Tracker has to offer:

  • View nearby sightings with estimated distances to each of them
  • View alerts issued by the parks, such as gates or roads being closed
  • Get real-time notifications & live tile updates on new sightings and alerts
  • Use your favourite navigation application to get turn-by-turn directions right to the sighting
  • Help game rangers by notifying them of any violations or suspicious activities
  • Full of useful information on the parks & animals
  • Fully functional without an internet connection

You can download Wildlife Tracker for FREE from the Windows Phone Store

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