WildCharge edges closer to Wire-free nirvana

Adapter-6 I like wireless charging. It has always been my dream just to drop my phone on the table and pick it up all charged and synched in the morning.

With the many cloud synching services available at the moment the syncing part is now a non-issue, but charging has remained a bug-a-bear.

Wildcharge offers a charging mat solution which should be part of the answer.  It does however rely on physical pins on the device which previously had to be build-in by the OEM.  Since Wildcharge never achieved much traction this has never really been an option.

Wildcharge has therefore taken matters into their own hands and have provided an adaptor which fits over 150 phones and make them Wildcharge compatible.

The WildChargeT Universal Adapter for Cell Phones enables a wide range of mobile phones to charge wire-free with the WildChargerT Pad and works with a variety of different cell phones, including many from major brands such as Blackberry (RIM), HTC, Motorola, Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

The adapter works by connecting mobile phones to the WildCharger Pad via a swing arm and removable tips, transferring wire-free power from the charge pad to the device’s battery. With the Universal Adapter, multiple cell phones can establish connectivity for convenient, seamless charging.

While this is one step closer to the perfect solution, the device seems too ungainly and ugly to keep attached to your phone all day, which rather defeats the purpose.

If this solution still appeals to you the WildCharge Universal Adapter for Cell Phones is available for around $39.99 and comes in three different bundles for Mini-USB, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson. The company is also offering a Universal Adapter Bundle, which includes the Universal Adapter, WildCharger Pad and wall adapter. This is available for  $79.99. The WildCharge Universal Adapter is available for purchase online at www.wildcharge.com.

Read more at Wildcharge here.