Widgetize your Today Screen



There are a variety of Today Screen applications or User Interfaces for your Windows Mobile phones. FEWidgets developed by nicodega on www.xda-developers.com, makes it possible to have Samsung Omnia or Windows Vista like widgets for your today screen.

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What is nice about FEWedets is the availability to change or modify your Today Screen easily with widgets of your choosing. You can simply drag and drop widgets onto your today screen by bringing up the sidebar and drag the widgets you want and don’t want.

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You can also have up to 4 different today screen. The clip_image014 icon allows you to switch between the different today screens. I found this to be useful for having personal information on one today screen, my business information on a separate today screen, and having a calculator and weather on another screen.

FEWidgets runs surprisingly smooth on my HTC Fuze. I noticed a little bit of lag when testing it on the HTC Touch HD as well with the At&t Tilt, but nothing that prevented from not liking this today application. I also tested this on an older device HTC Wizard and it performed just as well as it did on the Tilt. FEWidgets is capable of running on QVGA, VGA, and WVGA.

Users on www.xda-developers.com have also been creating their own widgets. [FEWidgets] User Made Widgets Thread. This program is still very new in development but has strong and very user friendly features. It’s good to point out that FEWidgets takes up 2mb of Memory usage which is still smaller than TouchFLO 2D or 3D. You shouldn’t having a problem running FEWidgets on older Windows Mobile Devices.

See the video below for the app in action.

The program itself is very easy to install and set up.

Before you install the program you need to make sure of a few things first.

– Check you have Windows Mobile 5 or 6/6.1 Pro. (i.e Pocket PC with Phone)
– Check you have .NET Framework 3.5 installed.
– Check you have Flash 7 for Pocket PC (FEWidgets won’t work with Flash Lite)
– Install FEWidgets-V1.0.0b8.CAB
– If you have a VGA device or want other backgrounds, place them on images directory on the application directory. Images will NOT be scaled.

*Note: If you have TouchFLO 2D or TouchFLO3D or another program currently set as your User / Today interface disable it before installing FEWidgets.

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