Why T-mobile Should Get A WP7 Device


Well after every single leak for the USA going to AT&T I thought I should say why T-mobile (my personal carrier, and the nations largest 4G network) should get a few device. T-mobile is the smallest of all four major carrier’s (VZW, Sprint, and At&t), but it has some pluses that make it the best for new devices and OS’s coming out the gate.

  1. It was the first with Android, and brought a lot of success to it. So it knows how to handle the new stuff.
  2. It is the nations largest 4G network Smile (Still makes me laugh… Don’t believe me, check the picture above).
  3. Has always rated the best costumer services, which if an OS is new, people might need.
  4. Has no better devices, so a lot of people would be exposed to it.
  5. Low prices for plans, phones, and everything else.

Now those are some reasons why I think they should be better for new devices rather than At&t. Now here is my five reasons why I do not like at&t.

  1. Its freaking expensive… They call themselves a premium service.
  2. Their 3G network sucks so bad that T-mobile being smaller still does better.
  3. They have no 4G plans as of yet, and again T-mobile being smaller already does.
  4. The have other good devices like the iPhone 4 that makes it harder for WP7 to shine.
  5. Do not bother calling their costumer service.

Now those are my five anti At&t reasons. We know the Kin killed Verizon and MS’s relationship quite a bit and Droids sealed the deal, so that might not happen for a while. Sprint is still on the Droid Epic fever, so they might get it after they are assured it has some sales behind it. But as of now only At&t is getting anything, and that will make a lot of people (like myself) unhappy because it’s either play the wait game or no 4G device (T-mobile said it, not me).

Comment below and tell us if you care about this dilemma at all or if you are in Europe and are partying since you will get it before us and for all the major carriers?

P.S The image of that android device is unimportant, just there to show that T-mobile thinks it has the nations largest 4G network.

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