Why a game developer chooses to publish his game on WP instead of iOS

rotten appleWell, we all know how the Apple Appstore is way bigger(and better according to some) than the Windows Phone Store. The reason why developers choose iOS over Windows Phone is obviously the greater number of audience, thus more chances of getting rewarded for you efforts. It’s also more secure to app piracy and hacking then the Google Playstore but that probably isn’t a reason why developers prefer it over Windows Phone with WP having a reputation of being more secure.

But do you know the reason why one particular developer, “Bee Mon” did not choose publishing his game for iOS and voiced the reasoning for his distaste for iOS.

See the reason explained in his own words:

Before I talk about the reason of this thread, let me explain the context of our perspective. I hope you can bear with me for a while. I am part of a small company, consists only of a few people, who’s current line of business is mostly in tech training rather than software development. It’s not that we are not capable, but the last time we tried, we didn’t do well financially and its not because our software was crap. You can see from the following link, we did get a very good review on one of our games for the Palm OS, but the review only came when we made it free. We basically only sold 10 units of the game in the first six months.

Codex (Palm OS)

We finally decided to give it another try at the beginning of this year. We planned initially to port our old Palm games because we know they are good and we also have a number of new game and app ideas that we are very excited about. The only question was which platform? We are very familiar with Windows and Visual Studio and we all love Windows Phone. We also love Palm too in its day but the market couldn’t sustain us financially and it is not our best interest to walk again on that same road praying this time will be different. Everyone knows Windows Phone market is still small and it wasn’t growing much at the beginning of the year and I’m sure we know why that is so I do not wish to delve into that subject here. As “indie” developers we have no other financial backing except ourselves so its imperative that we choose a market that we think we can survive longer in until we receive some publicity and good reviews from well-known journalists. Once we have some sort of financial stability, we will port our games and apps to Windows Phone.

We collectively decided that the 1st platform for our games and apps would be iOS. Why not Android? Well we like to tell you its because of technical issues and the amount of software hacking and piracy on Android (which is true), but really let us be honest here; we bloody hate Google and its practices. Now please do not question our right to our own opinions in this thread. We are not using this thread to attempt to convert people to WP, if you love Android and Google, we wish you the best on your chosen platform.

However to program for iOS means that we had to use Objective-C, which to us is a horrendous programming language but thank goodness for Xamarin, we can leverage our C# programming skills and continue to use Visual Studio as our development environment. It would also make it easier to port our apps over to WP (or maybe even Android) at a later time. Our plans are finalized and in the past few months we have been saving funds to purchase Macs and iPhone/iPad for development and testing. Then we’ll sign up for a Apple Store account and start work.

Everything was moving sweetly according to plans and we were ready to begin this month of September. We plan to go out this weekend to make all the purchases we need so we can start learning / developing beginning of next week. However something happened this morning. We received a tweet through twitter from some developers that we follow. It seems that Apple has updated their app submission or review policy. We only then realized that we actually had never read up on that yet! We were planning to do it once we’ve signed up to Apple Store and anyway how much different could it be between Apple Store and Windows / Windows Phone Store?

Well we read it and we marked two areas that we have issues with.

Developer chooses iOS over WP

It may only be us, but the tone is incredibly rude, arrogant and flippant. ‘We have a lot of “serious developers” that do not want their “quality Apps” to be surrounded by “amateur hour.” While we are sure that we can create a polish product, every programmer was once a newbie, who stumbled, struggled and scratched their head through many months, days and hours to learn how to program, not because they want to earn money, but its the excitement of being able to creating something of their own. Now you’re being told if you’re not good enough, don’t bother. Go away. ‘If you run to the press to trash us, it never helps’. If you think we’re not right, we don’t care. Cry all you like. Complain to the press, see if we care.

“So here’s a big F to you Apple. Have a nice day.”

So… we have scrapped our original plans. We’re coming home to Windows. We’re going to port our Codex game only to Windows Phone, and we’ll be happy even if we sell only enough units to barely survive (and even maybe, a little tiny maybe in the future to Android later cause now we’re not as angry at Google as another corporation). We will publish development journals and open-source all our libraries and tools that we develop for our games and apps to help others do the same because we don’t mind our “quality apps” being surrounded by “amateur hour”.
Thanks for listening and I hope you can enjoy our games soon. “

I think the developer’s reasoning is extremely valid and a reason of concern for developers and tech critics alike about the offensive tone used in Apple’s app publishing guidelines.

What are your opinions and thoughts on this matter?

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