Who’s Near Me – Now Available As Free Download

Tweets Near Me LogoEver wonder who else in your city is up at 3:45 AM with nothing to do? Well, SynergeTech Solutions has come up with a killer application called Who’s Near Me to answer just that question for you! Of course, Who’sNear Me can also be used during the daylight hours as well.

Who’s Near Me is a proximity based social networking application.  Unlike how most social networking applications allow you to keep in touch with your social network, Who’s Near Me helps you build your social network.  Who’s Near Me displays a list of users (complete with their photo, gender, age, distance,and bio) based upon your current location. The application uses cell tower data to triangulate your position – just like Google Maps does. This means that it works without GPS!  You can then select anyone from that list to start an anonymous conversation with.  If you want you can choose to meet them in person. Or you can just block them.

Who’s Near Me is the perfect Windows Mobile application for building business contacts, making new friends, finding a sports partner, or even finding a date. The application does not use your cell phone’s text messages so you won’t get a huge bill from using it.  You choose to share as much or as little about yourself as you would like and the messages are always sent anonymously.

The application is 100% free. It is still in beta test but all the major bugs have already been worked out of the program.  In the coming weeks, the application will be added to the Microsoft Marketplace for Mobile and you should expect a large influx of users online at that time.  The application – with a number of very intresting unannounced features – will also be available for the Windows Phone 7 platform by the launch.  You can learn more and download Who’s Near Me at the SynergeTech Solutions website.

Whos Near Me Displays Nearby UsersReview User ProfilesAnonymous and free text message conversations!