Who’s Got My Stuff? Question Answered Using the Latest Update to WGMS!


1, 2014

Author RKay9 // in Apps


Looking for your favorite set of ping-pong paddles, only to realize “Argh! I loaned it out months ago to… who was it??”.

Enter WGMS (Who’s Got My Stuff). A simple app to keep a log of Stuff, Cash and Favors you’ve dealt out, or received from others!

Create “Time Capsules” of info with as little as Who, What and When. Optional extra info helps you pinpoint all the details of the trade. Use that info to create a calendar event, or email the details to yourself or that special someone who may be hoarding your stuff 😉

Color settings to spice up your experience, a quick-add tile to pin to your home screen and an overall simple, useful and functional experience that just works for what you need it to do. So never forget who’s got your stuff again…. now… Who’d I loan that purple pen too….

Oh, and keep in mind, support the devs and share your feedback, and healthy reviews. Updates and changes can go even farther with your support!

Main Features:


  • Three general pages: Stuff They Borrowed, You Borrowed and Returned.
  • Three general categories: Stuff, Cash and Favors.
  • A variety of color options for each category and app UI itself.
  • Select borrowers from your contacts… or not with contact images.
  • Easily add calendar events.
  • And send emails for your events.
  • A myriad of sorting options.
  • A variety of options for details.

The app can be found here or scan the QR-code below:
Any concerns, comments or questions don’t hesitate to contact me: RKay9@outlook.com

Change log:

Version 1.1 Changes:
  • If you’re the borrower, select the borrowee.
  • Added a “What’s New” section.
  • Added contact select for “Who” section.
  • Added pictures for the contact for the item.
  • Added a countdown for each item.
  • Added formatting for cash items.
  • Various visual changes.
  • And more!
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