Indie game collective Wholesome Games joins the Guerrilla Collective digital showcase event on June 12th to show off plenty of indie game goodness

Wholesome Games is set to show off over 75 games in total at the Wholesome Direct event, which has been organised in collaboration with Guerrilla Collective.

This live showcase event will debut new games, reveal exclusive footage, and even launch a few games during the event, and you can watch it all for free on the Guerilla Collective Twitch channel

Wholesome Games have already revealed eight games out of their over 75 strong lineups who will be showing off something at the event, and those are: 

  • Unpacking
  • We Are OFK
  • Moonglow Bay
  • Paralives 
  • Bear and Breakfast
  • Ooblets
  • The Gecko Gods
  • Amber Isle

The wider Guerrilla Collective showcase event is set to take place over two days, June 5th and the 12th although Guerrilla Collective has remained tight-lipped on what developers might be at the event. 

With E3 2021 also set to kick off on June 12th, this Wholesome Direct event may be overshadowed somewhat by whatever currently parading around on E3’s main stage, but hopefully, the charming indie goodness will get the attention it deserves.