Whole website dedicated to porting Windows Phone 7 UI to Android

The Windows Phone 7 UI has won over many more people than have actually bought the handsets, and it seems it is at present all the rage to emulate it, both on the iPhone and Android.

In fact this has extended so far as to whole websites and communities being set up to create applications and launchers with the user interface, much like the iPhone was emulated on Windows Mobile two years ago.

The WP7Android Project aims to bring the Windows Phone 7 UI to Android with a full selection of apps meant to provide the same user experience of the WP7 OS.  They plan to release a total of 9 apps released separately, including a Launcher, Dialer, Contacts, Mail, Message, Browser, Camera, Gallery and Zune-Player. The video above shows the Zune player in action.

Hopefully the Android users wasting their time poorly emulating Windows Phone 7 on their stuttering phones will get a taste for the real thing and upgrade to Windows Phone 7.5 in a few months time.