Who Is Truly The Better Company? APPLE or HTC

That is the question I found people asking me last night at a party I went to (isn’t that sad, at a party people ask me phone question). They have all seen the new iPhone 4G, and of course seen my HD2, also the Droid Incredible, don’t forget the Evo4G. They asked me this question because I have a friend with the new iPhone 4, and when I saw him I said “Hay what sup buddy… Dude don’t look now, but I think you’re holding it wrong”. Being said that. We went into an argument that lasted 1 hour with me saying APPLE does not try while HTC is always working hard.

Well leaving the story at that. I want to ask this question to you. I am assuming you have come across this question, either you or someone has asked you why HTC is better. Now I would like to leave you to answer this question in the comments or even on Twitter. Simply answer, “I think APPLE is better because…” or better yet “I think HTC is better because…” Please do not be like those videos that you just say “Because they are APPLE”. Only in the US is saying that okay, but other places those statements do not work too well.

I am looking forward to reading your unbiased comments below.


I would like to add, HTC did make the first Windows Phone, First Windows Phone that has 3G, One of the first touch screen phones, first Android phone, first 4G phone, and lastly first 4G phone in the Us. Now with WP7, they might also get first WP7 device. They are always first in not only innovating, but in terms of Hardware (first 1Ghz phone), first phone that uses body for antenna (yes APPLE, you did not invent that), first large screen phone (back in the days, and even present days).

APPLE in terms of phone made the second full touch screen phone. Many say their idea was taken from the original Prada phone (which I had a while ago). They made the first capacitive device. They reinvented the necessity of an app store on all smartphones. They also made looks important in a phone that sells… They brought Nokia’s smartphone problems.

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